February 2022

Photography Workshop with Dave Shrimpton

Studio 2, 1st Floor, Treffry Building Kindly donated for use in collaboration with Newquay Sea Safari’s and Fishing Newquay Harbour (next to the Rowing Club) Newquay TR7 1HT

Wet-plate Collodion workshop for 6 young people (18-25 yrs old)

Newquay Renaissance Project is excited to welcome acclaimed wet-plate photographer, Dave Shrimpton to Newquay for a week’s residency to share his photographic process with our community and create a body or work inspired by Newquay. 

“Wet Plate Collodion photography captures light in a unique way resulting in something between Photography & Art” - Dave Shrimpton. 

During this special workshop Dave will guide 6 young people through the magical wet plate collodion process (invented in 1851) with each person taking a photograph of a member of the group with something they feel reflects their connection to the sea, capturing a moment in time here in Newquay.  

The results will be exhibited at the Newquay Renaissance Project Exhibition in May alongside other art created by the community for the community as part of the Newquay Renaissance Project. 

For more information please visit: https://youtu.be/vVu2W-b0mMg 


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