September 2023

Blue & Broken Cyanotype and Kintsugi Workshop with Eve Milner


On 21 September 2023 six amazing students from Treviglas Academy worked together for a full day with London-based photographic artist Eve Milner to produce glorious pieces of art based on 2 historic art practices.

Firstly, using materials collected from places in Newquay that held a special meaning to them (an interesting variety, including items from the coast, gardens, a garage and jewellery) and seawater from the harbour, the students created hand-made cyanotypes. This involved painting light-sensitive chemicals onto handmade Indian rag paper to make the surface of the paper sensitive to UV light.

Next, the students arranged their foraged materials on the treated paper and created an image of the assemblage by exposing it to UV light.

Finally, they washed the paper in seawater to fix the image on the paper in gorgeous varied shades of blue and white.

During the afternoon session, the students learned about the ancient Japanese philosophy and art practice of kintsugi which embraces imperfection while creating something unique, beautiful and resilient.

In this practice broken items are not only lovingly mended but the mend is highlighted with gold; this is to show that - in art, as in life - there is beauty in the broken, and glory in imperfection.

During a very emotionally charged session, the students were encouraged to damage in some way the work they had spent the morning creating. They were then shown how to repair the damage and highlight it with gold or silver paint.

The final pieces were incredibly moving and powerful. They are now displayed in the reception area of Treviglas Academy.

Here is a short video of the day made by local film maker Cailin Wheatley (who participated in the first NRP mural workshop in November 2021).

A special thanks to Eve Milner, Cailin Wheatley and all the teachers who helped with this very special NRP workshop at Treviglas Academy.