October/November 2022

Character and Place - Poetry on its feet!

Treviglas Academy, Newquay

Dicky Souray of SproutSpoken ( www.sproutspoken.co.uk ) conducted this ground breaking Newquay Renaissance Project workshop with Year 10, GCSE Drama students at Treviglas Academy, Newquay.

25 students were asked to observe people (familiar and non) in Newquay prior to Part 1 workshop, zooming in on them, mining for detail in their appearance, behaviour and activity in order to create characters they would develop over the course of the workshop using their imaginations and techniques suggested by Dicky. Some very real and recognisable characters emerged.

During Part 2 workshop they explored how to bring their monologues together, considering character and the necessity for vocal skills in an outdoor performance space. Working with Dicky Souray the students inhabited the characters and explored possible ways they could deliver their monologues at a private performance for family and friends.

The intimate performance at the Fly Cellars in Newquay on the evening of 11th November was both moving and inspiring. SproutSpoken’s Dicky Souray provided the atmospheric lighting and he and Sam Colborne, Head of Creative Arts at Treviglas

Academy, directed this talented group of performers who recited their poetic monologues from characters they had developed during workshops 1 and 2.

The audience witnessed an extraordinary performance right in the heart of Newquay…one they will never forget.

Thank you to the students, Dicky Souray, Sam Colborne and everyone involved in this very special workshop.

‘Poetry and Drama together makes each more powerful’