March 2022

Mosaic Workshop


Creating art for the community by the community, Newquay Renaissance Project’s aims to transform Newquay into the Creative Capital of Cornwall

Treviglas school students were blessed with Brighton-based artist Philip Cole’s Philip Cole arrival this week. 

A man of many talents, painter, maker and science teacher, Philip travelled all the way to Newquay, after a long day of teaching students in Brighton, to lead a two-day mosaic workshop with 14/15 year old students at Treviglas Academy - mosaics that represented their feelings about what Newquay meant to them.

Phil’s colourful artwork, often characterised by simple colour combinations and tonal variations accumulated in geometric shapes has been reflected in the mosaic workshop where the students were encouraged to celebrate the energy of colour and the affect that distinct areas of colour have on one another.

The reason for mosaic artwork? Phil calls the mosaic art form ‘eternal paintings’ as they are hard-wearing and durable.

After working alone and collaboratively during the two-day workshop, the students produced beautiful ceramic mosaics that were vivid and diverse in shape, colour and meaning.

Monday 15th March was the unveiling day…Smiles all around as students, parents, members of the community and Mayor Gardner (plus little Theo) gathered to see the unveiling of the mosaics installed on a wall owned by Newquay businessman, John White, adjacent to the Lighthouse Cinema right in the centre of town.

Sam Colborne, Head of Drama at Treviglas school was a great support to all the students at the ‘big reveal’ making them laugh and reassuring them of their brilliant work. 

“Exciting projects like this raises the student’s aspirations and gives them a real sense of achievement.” – Sam Colborne.

And the students couldn’t have agreed more… Ellie (mosaic 1 and 8) said “It hasn’t sunk in yet but I am really proud!”. Madison and Izzy (mosaic 6) described their experience as “Unique”, whilst Tom and Jess (mosaic 2) honestly described the process as “stressful but fun and would definitely do it again!” Matt humbly mentioned that “it’s nice to know I have a legacy in town!”.

With an array of representation displayed at different heights across the wall, Philip called it “a visual walking experience, like being in a gallery that is accessible for everyone to see.”

Mosaic 3, made by Aiden and Matt, represented celebrating differences in people by using contrasting colours that all linked together. Aiden called his experience “a rare opportunity to have and exciting to have our art on the wall.”


Evie, Megan and Tilly took their inspiration from Fistral Beach. Evie loved the puzzle aspect of the mosaic whilst Tilly and Megan enjoyed creating and executing the design.

Many mosaics were inspired by Newquay’s sunsets and incredible coastline.  Ellie, Ellie and Alexis (mosaic 1 and 8) recalled

growing up by the sea in Newquay.  “Beaches were the first thing that came to mind!”


Other students were inspired by the plants and nature of Newquay The world famous Eden Project had a big influence on Jess and Toms (mosaic 2).  

Alex’s mosaic detailed a wave. Alex said ‘ I really enjoyed seeing all the pieces go into place and cutting the glass to get the best shape’.

Leven and Mikey’s (mosaic 7) mosaic represented the many facets of Newquay through brighter and bolder colours and lines, as well as combining the colours of the coastline.

John White (owner of the wall) was pleased with how the mosaics on the wall had turned out, “It is pretty, abstract and a nice focal point for Newquay and something for the kids to be proud of.” 

Another successful Newquay Renaissance community workshop which has successfully engaged our young people in a creative activity to inspire them and feel proud to live in Newquay.


Wall plan:1 (Alexis, Ellie & Ellie) 2 (Jess & Tom) 3 (Matt & Aiden) 4 (Evie, Tilly & Megan) 5 (Alex) 6 (Madison & Izzy) 7 (Leven & Mikey) 8 (Alexis, Ellie & Ellie)

Alexis, Ellie and Ellie
Jess and Tom
Matt and Aiden
Evie, Tilly and Megan
Madison and Izzy
Leven and Mikey
Alexis, Ellie and Ellie

A special Thanks to Cailin Wheatley for reporting on this workshop and Maggie Robson from the amazing ‘This is Newquay‘ website for these fantastic photos of the unveiling on 14th March.

View Philip Cole's Presentation