March 2023

Painting workshop with Charlotte Guerard


The NRP Painting Workshop in March with visiting artist Charlotte Guerard at Treviglas Academy was a huge success and by all accounts just what the students (and teachers) needed after a rather hectic month!

The year 10 GCSE Art students really made the most of having a whole day to paint with the emphasis being on what Newquay meant to them.

Their individual artistic styles produced a surprisingly eclectic body of work. They collectively decided on how the works would be exhibited based on colours, texture, style and other elements to create an extraordinary group piece.

The exhibition took place at C space in Newquay with friends, family and a few special guests invited to see the amazing body of work created in a single school day.

At the end of the workshop the students were each asked by Charlotte to describe how they felt about the workshop.

One student said she thought she had painted the best painting in her life. One said the workshop focused her mind on all the positive aspects of living in Newquay. Another said that she enjoyed the challenge of trying a new way of painting guided by Charlotte.

NRP and Treviglas Academy hope to arrange a trip with the workshop students to the Royal Academy in London later this year to take a very special back stage tour with Charlotte who is undertaking her masters at this prestigious gallery.

THANK YOU Charlotte for returning to Newquay and for sharing your incredible talent, time and energy with the students at Treviglas Academy. Hopefully you will come back again next year.